Mean Maggie always makes me have fun, lol!


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6 thoughts on “Mean Maggie always makes me have fun, lol!

  1. You, that Maggie was raised in the Air Force where they are taught mandatory fun! LOL… I have been following you for a while now and I must say your artwork has evolved in something that makes my heart go pitter patter with each card you post. Thanks for joining Stamp, Ink, Paper this week!

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  2. Did mean Maggie show her weapons?? She herself has some mad making card skills! I love the creativity of you card! The bird nest is completely adorbs!! Can’t wait to see you participate in Stamp Ink Paper again! Thank you for participating!

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    • Hi Andrea! Maggie is so cool she showed me all her secret weapons, lol! Thank you for the compliment on my card. It encourages me to make another and that can be quite intimidating with all that talent out there, lol! Hugsssssssss!


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